Watch the winner of our $1000 prize, for fastest form-set up.  Our winner did the complete set up in our contest pool, which was a rectangle with 24′ of perimeter. None of our contestants had ever installed our system before the event!  Even we were surprised when multiple contestants set the entire pool up in under 4 minutes!  One Person.  Congratulations to Matt Ferguson of Great Lakes Pools in Sarnia for the record time of 3:51!

Reusable Coping Form- CHALLENGE Video

VASTEC (Vinyl Aluminum Steel Technologies) is a multi faceted corporation that works with aluminum and PVC. Our specialty is swimming pool coping.

Established in the 1990’s VASTEC’s leadership has over 46 years experience in the pool industry, we’re continually growing, offering our products to various cities across North America.

Feel free to explore our website, download our product catalogue and watch our installation video, to see just how easy it is to install our swimming pool coping and other products.

Preview our Online PDF Catalogue today.  Vastec Complete Catalogue PDF 

Or download our Excel Price List today.  Vastec Excel List Price 

General Reusable Coping Forms Promo Video